Abilitas Foundation's Cold Water Ranch Lodge


the Cold Water Ranch Lodge

rest • recharge • reconnect | The Cold Water Ranch Lodge is a fully accessible lodge, created by Abilitas Foundation. Kids and adults living with disabilities can use this lodge at no charge, together with their families.
A place to rest, recharge, and reconnect, for those who need it most.

your help is needed | Phase I is now built and families have started enjoying the benefits of the lodge. This is wonderful progress! But, the lodge cannot be fully completed without the support of great people like you. Please help us make a difference.

book your stay | The lodge can be booked for respite and for retreats. A respite booking can be made by eligible families and disability groups only and is free of charge. Corporate and other groups can book a retreat, which supports the ongoing maintenance and operations of the lodge.

Building the Lodge

Grand Opening

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